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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Forgotten Holocaust - The 1943/44 Bengal Famine

Dr Gideon Polya

THE FORGOTTEN HOLOCAUST - THE 1943/44 BENGAL FAMINE: impelled in part by global warming concerns, an account by Dr Gideon Polya of the man-made Bengal Famine of 1943/44 and the unresponsiveness of the world at the time to both the Bengal Famine and the Holocaust in Europe; the total or near-total ignoring in many historical texts and in global public perception of the Second World War Bengal Famine and other such horrendous events such as the Great Bengal Famine of 1769/1770, other Indian famines, the Irish famine (1845/46), genocide in Tasmania and mainland Australia in the 19th century and the genocide of the Armenians (1915); history ignored yields history repeated and global warming through greedy industrial profligacy may next century visit even worse disasters on Bengal and on other low-lying regions such as deltaic Egypt, Thailand, Louisiana and Holland. Remarkably, one of the biggest mortality events of the mid-20th century (that has been written about extensively by Amartya Sen (1998 Nobel Prize Winner for Economics) and which was the subject of the film “Distant Thunder” by world-famous Bengali film-maker Satyajit Ray) remains UNKNOWN to most in the English-speaking World - due to extraordinary, continuing academic and media holocaust denial involving self-censorship, lying by omission and intrinsic, covert racism.


This year marks the 50th anniversary of the end of World War 2 and the world will reflect on the human cost of this conflict. In particular we will remember the enormous loss of civilian life, particularly in Poland (6 million dead), the Soviet Union (20 million dead) and China (35 million dead). The Holocaust involving the deliberate extermination of 6 million Jews and half a million Gypsies has seared the human conscience, never to be forgotten. However a major man-made tragedy of similar proportions that occurred in Bengal in World War 2 has been effectively ignored by the world from the time it occurred. The man-made famine in Bengal in 1943-1944 killed an estimated 3.5 to 5 million people [1-7].

Famine in British India

While famines had occurred in the Indian sub-continent before British occupation, in many instances the consequences of monsoonal failure and resultant drought were addressed urgently by the indigenous rulers. Thus irrigation works, public works employment and food purchase and distribution were useful responses to such impending disasters.

The British brought an unsympathetic and ruthless economic agenda to India. Economic exploitation damaged the indigenous Indian economy and resulted in a decline in the standard of living. The British disinclination to respond with urgency and vigour to food deficits resulted in a succession of about 2 dozen appalling famines during the British occupation of India.

These famines swept away tens of millions of people [1-10]. One of the worst famines was that of 1770 that killed an estimated 10 million people in Bengal (one third of the population) and which was exacerbated by the rapacity of the East India Company [1-3,10]. Bengal suffered further famines in 1783, 1866, 1873-74, 1892, 1897 and 1943-44 [1].

The extraordinary continuing aspect of this 2 century Holocaust was the exacerbation and indeed the creation of famine by the sequestration and export of food for enhanced commercial gain. Thus in severe Indian famines in the mid-19th century (by which time the British authorities were thoroughly familiar with this sort of event) export of grain was permitted on the grounds of non-intervention in trade 6. This horrendous scourge [8,9] continued into the 20th century. Thus Rajasthan suffered a succession of severe scarcities and famines from 1899-1941, a very severe famine occurring in 1939-1940 [8]. The culmination of this saga of immense human suffering was the Bengal famine of 1943-44 [1-7].

Profiteering, export, denial and death

With the entry of Japan into World War 2 and its conquest of South East Asia, including Burma, the British authorities took strategic steps that affected the availability of food in Bengal. Food was required for soldiers, workers in industrial cities such as Calcutta and for export to other parts of the Empire. The grain import requirement of nearly 2 million tons to make up for deficiencies in Indian production was progressively cut back to a disastrous degree.

Loss of rice from Burma and ineffective government controls on hoarding and profiteering led inevitably to enormous price rises. Thus it can be estimated that the price of rice in Dacca increased about 4-fold in the period from March 1943 to October 1943. Bengalis having to purchase food (e.g landless labourers) suffered immensely - thus it is estimated that about 30% of one particular labourer class died in the famine.

The effects of the famine were exacerbated by a strategic policy of "denial" of potential resources from the Japanese. This involved acquisition of surplus food stocks from parts of Bengal together with the seizure or destruction of tens of thousands of boats crucial for fishing and for food acquisition and distribution in a waterway-rich country.

A major feature of this famine was the inability of the authorities to keep rice prices down to affordable levels and hence make food available to the suffering millions. For a variety of reasons the rice market "froze" with dealers and millions of producers retaining supplies. Lack of supplies from other Indian provinces due to self-regulating food control powers given to the provinces in 1941 (enacted a week before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour) compounded the problem for Bengal. Heavy handed government intervention, a massive overall Indian food deficit, the determination of the authorities to adequately feed Calcutta and the military and the consequent fear and uncertainty of producers led to an appalling disaster for rural Bengal [1,2,5,6].

Decline of complex pre-colonial social relationships vital to disaster survival [5], overwhelming under-nourishment 6 and a greatly increased body of "landless" rural Bengalis [1,5,6,11] led to a nightmare for the 20% of rural Bengalis most vulnerable in this famine. Not surprisingly fishermen, deprived of access to fishing grounds and hence food and cash for rice, were among the worst affected [1,2,5,6].

Increasing population and lack of commensurate food production had yielded a pre-war situation in which India needed to import about 1.8 million tons of grain per year in the immediately pre-war years to make up the shortfall [1,6]. Nevertheless rice exports from India in the financial year 1942-43 were at near-record levels. A crucial factor, however, was the huge decrease in foodgrain imports to only about 20,000 tons in the financial year 1942-43 [1].

Starving people flocked into Calcutta, victims dying in a city with well-provisioned markets. The British authorities (at times forcibly) removed tens of thousands of destitute, starving people from Calcutta and other urban areas in late 1943. These people were relocated to die in the country, out of sight, out of mind [1].The reluctance of destitutes to leave derived from the inadequacy of relief gruel when it became available and the additional availability of food from rubbish and from begging householders for "rice water" from the cooking of rice.

Responses to a disaster

The British government, the Central Indian authorities headed by the Viceroy Lord Linlithgow and the Bengali provincial administration (critically interfered with by Governor Sir John Herbert) were grossly derelict in dealing with the situation and its genesis. However a new and effective Viceroy Lord Wavell took up his position in October 1943 [7], this being complemented by the arrival of a new, vigorous Governor of Bengal, the Australian R.G.Casey, in January 1944 [7,12].

Lord Wavell (unlike his predecessor) visited famine-wracked Bengal and within his first week took the key decision ensuring that Calcutta would be fed by the rest of India and not by starving rural Bengal. This energetic and concerned man pleaded continually with the British Government for requisite grain imports, demanding (unsuccessfully) 1 million tons for 1944. He was insistent about the need for additional supplies to bring down the price of rice and to prevent further disasters.

The release of thousands of boats was agreed to from April 1944 and more effective measures directed to relief, mass health intervention and to controlling food supplies and prices were also introduced. Eventually the excess mortality due to famine declined to the "normal" level of mortality associated with an impoverished, disease-ridden society living on the edge of starvation.

Interestingly famine was not actually declared by the authorities in 1943 despite the enormity of the circumstances. The famine was debated in the House of Commons, one of the key sessions being attended by less than 10% of the members. These appalling events eventually disappeared from public view, if indeed they had ever effectively appeared.

Appalling realities

Various estimates of the total number of famine deaths have been made that range up to 5 million [1-7]. A very detailed American analysis of this tragedy estimated 3.5 to 3.8 million as the excess mortality due to starvation and attendant disease in 1943-1946 [5]. The magnitude of this event and its continuing consequences can be gauged from the increase in population of West Bengal plus East Bengal (Bangladesh) of only 3 million in the period 1941 to 1951 as compared to a population growth of 11 million in the period 1931 to 1941 [6].

Repeated requests for food imports into India (Indian population 400 million; Bengal population 60 million) in 1943 and 1944 resulted in only about half a million tons of grain being imported into India in this period [1,6]. In contrast the food stocks of the U.K. (population about 50 million) rose by about 10 million tons in the latter half of 1943.

Churchill repeatedly opposed food for India and specifically intervened to block provision of 10,000 tons of grain offered by Canada6. The U.S. declined to provide food aid in deference to the British Government6. The British Government rejected Lord Wavell's request for 1 million tons of grain in 1944 and also rejected his request that the U.S. and the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) be approached for assistance.

Even when Congress (after extensive lobbying) altered legislation to permit UNRRA aid for India, no plans were in place for such assistance because the British authorities had not requested it [6]. An offer of 100,000 tons of rice from the Axis collaborationist leader Subhas Chandra Bose was ignored [6,13]. Lord Wavell records in his diary R.G.Casey's intelligence relating to the Argentinian use of 2 million tons of surplus wheat in their railway system in lieu of coal (of which there was a world-wide shortage) [7]. Churchill finally requested U.S. assistance in mid-1944 in terms that he was "no longer justified in not asking for such aid" - with a resultant negative response from Roosevelt [6].

It should be appreciated that India made a major contribution to the war effort. 2,400,000 Indians served in the British forces6 and thousands of Indian, and particularly Bengali, lascars served in the Merchant Navy (the pay being £5, £15 and £22.10.0 a month for Indian, Chinese and British sailors, respectively) [7].

The Second World War involved the following British losses: 303,000 British armed forces personnel killed, 109,000 Commonwealth losses, 60,000 civilians killed in air raids and 30,000 Merchant Navy sailors killed [14]. Against this we can set the forgotten "Allied" millions of Bengalis who died agonizing deaths, the toll amounting to 50 to 100 times the civilian losses in Dresden, Hamburg, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Tokyo or in German bombing raids on Britain.

Differential victimisation - children, women and famine-enforced sexual abuse

Detailed demographic analyses of Calcutta destitutes and other famine victims reveal distressing discontinuities [1,2,5,6]. Young children were by far the most vulnerable in this famine and young adults the least so [1,2,5,6].

A nearly 2-fold difference in the percent mortality increase of males as compared to females in the age groups of 10-15 and 15-20 years has been taken as evidence of substantial young female survival through sexual submission. A similar conclusion has been drawn from the greatly decreased ratio of females to males in the 10-15 year age group among destitutes in Calcutta during this period [2,6].

The distressing testimonies of famine victims attest to the famine-enforced sexual exploitation of women [5]. There was a major military presence in Bengal and the Military Labour Corps was an avenue of survival for starving women, the price of survival being sexual submission and abuse and venereal disease [5].

Testimonies of victims and observers describe horrendous realities: dogs and vultures devouring the nearly dead, bones and bodies littering roadsides, desperate attempts to find sustenance, starvation-enforced prostitution, sale of children and even infanticide by despairing, deserted or widowed, starving mothers and tortured deaths in a lush countryside or in well-provisioned Calcutta [1,2,5,6].

Famine relief was belated and grossly insufficient [5,6]. Thus before the famine the average Bengali in 1 year consumed about 140 kg of rice (the crucial staple) and a bare-subsistence rural farming family consumed 90 kg per head each year. The famine relief diet amounted to 30 kg of grain per person per year. There were major added complications of disease, notably malaria and cholera, the shortage of medicine and the malabsorption of food [1,5,6].

Lest we forget

The Holocaust of European Jews has not been forgotten because of a numerous, world-wide diaspora of articulate and resolute survivors. Nevertheless continued postwar mass killing events in Europe, Africa, Asia and America point up the continuing incompetence of the world as a whole to deal promptly with large-scale inhumanity.

An extraordinary feature of the appalling record of British imperialism with respect to genocide and mass, world-wide killing of huge numbers of people (by war, disease and famine) is its absence from public perception. Thus, for example, inspection of a selection of British history texts reveals that mention of the appalling Irish famine of 1845-6 is confined in each case to several lines (although there is of course detailed discussion of the attendant, related political debate about the Corn Laws). It is hardly surprising that there should be no mention of famine in India or Bengal in these texts [15-18]. The famines in Bengal are absent from other texts dealing with modern British imperial history [14,19].

In my own well-stocked personal library the 1770 Bengal famine rates a mention only in a major encyclopaedia [10]. The 1943 Bengal famine is totally missing except for a brief reference, namely "famine strikes Bengal" in a massive German chronology of world events and developments, being listed under the category "daily life" for the year 1943 [20].

Nevertheless detailed and expert academic accounts and analyses of the 1943 Bengal famine were prepared shortly after the event despite severe war-time and economic constraints [1,2] and other very detailed accounts have appeared [5,6]. The Satyajit Ray feature film "Distant Thunder" is an immensely moving account of this tragedy seen through the lives of a Bengali intellectual and his wife in a Bengali village setting [4]. The diaries of Lord Wavell give a powerful insight into this period [7].

Australia, the world, "greenhouse" and historical repetition

As an Australian I am very conscious of Australian connections with these appalling events. A significant reason for British settlement in Australia in 1788 (and the consequent decimation of the indigenous aboriginal people) was the need to protect the lucrative British interests in India from its European foes, especially the French [21-23]. The first decade of the colony coincided with appalling famines in India [1]. Wheat from India was imported into Australia in the 19th century [24].

Australia was intimately linked to the defence of the British Empire (and hence the protection of the lucrative slave empire in India) for 2 centuries. The mass destruction for which the British were responsible in India was reflected in numerically far less significant enormities inflicted by Australian colonists on the aboriginal inhabitants of Tasmania and mainland Australia and on the indigenous people of the nearby Pacific islands [21-24].

Australia has a more recent Bengal connection. The Bengal famine of 1943-44 coincided with the critical defence of this part of the world against the Japanese advance. The distinguished Australian R.G.Casey became Governor of Bengal in 1944 in the diminishing phase of the famine ( the appointment by his own account being initially locally unpopular because of the prohibition of entry of Indians into Australia) [12,25].

History has an excellent chance of repeating itself if its realities and lessons are ignored. Tied historically to the British Empire, Australians are extraordinarily ignorant of their own (albeit surely unintended) negative global impact in the service of Britain. Thus the xenophobic extermination of the best part of one million Armenians - precipitated by the Allied attack on the Dardanelles - commenced with the roundup of Armenian intellectuals and other community leaders in the day or so before the Anzac landing at Gallipoli in 1915 [26-28]. This unintended consequence of Australian heroism is apparently unknown to most Australians. The recent Gulf War, in which Australia also participated, had similar (and again, no doubt unintended) consequences for Shiites and Kurds.

History may yet repeat itself with respect to the Bengalis. Australia is per capita one of the most profligate contributors to "greenhouse" gas emission and hence global warming. There is unfortunately a current bipartisan political consensus in Australia opposed to effective short-term reduction of such emission. The recent Berlin Climate Change Conference, heavily influenced by the U.S. and similarly-inclined Australia and Canada, concluded with no agreed targets on greenhouse gas emission and produced merely a motherhood commitment to continuing assessment [28]. While global warming may have advantages for some [30], there is a widespread concern that global warming and consequent sea level rises will have a major impact on low-lying regions such as densely populated and impoverished West Bengal and Bangladesh [31-35].

It is quite conceivable that continuing global greed and irresponsibility in relation to greenhouse gas emissions, desertification and forest destruction will have an even more devastating impact on Bengal in the 21st century [31-35] than that of ruthless imperialism in past centuries. We must learn from the appalling consequences of the blindness, complacency and insensitivity with which the world responded at the time to the Jewish Holocaust [36-38] and to the now-forgotten Bengali Holocaust.

Never again.

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Dr. Gideon Maxwell Polya
29 Dwyer St., Macleod, Melbourne, Victoria 3085, Australia

22nd May 1995

An edited version of this account has been published :

Polya, G.M.(1995) The famine of history: Bengal 1943. International Network on Holocaust and Genocide vol.10, 10-15.

POSTSCRIPT, July 2005: The US and its close ally Australia still refuse to sign the Kyoto Protocol on global warming and about a year ago a substantial part of Bangladesh was under water from monsoonal run-off. The Anglo-American mainstream media still overwhelmingly ignore the World War 2 Bengal Famine (4 million victims) just as they continue to ignore the horrendous post-1950 avoidable mortality in the World (1.3 billion), the non-European World (1.2 billion) and the Muslim World (0.6 billion). Mianstream media continue to ignore the post-invasion avoidable mortality in US-occupied Iraq (0.4 million) and Afghanistan (1.5 million).

A detailed, wide-ranging account of the Bengal Famine was published by me in 1998 (now out of print but available in some major Anglo-American libraries):

Gideon Polya "Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History. Colonial rapacity, holocaust denial and the crisis in biological sustainability" (Polya, Melbourne, 1998).


  • At 12:49 AM, Blogger Giordan said…

    To be sure, British imperialism was shockingly lethal and there is no excuse for overlooking its crimes. There is also no excuse for overlooking one of its other great crimes, which was its systematic effort over half a century to destroy Germany. The two world wars that were required to reduce the country to subservience cost an estimated 70-80 million lives and, in the form of Holocaust mythology, has created a permanent millstone around the German people's collective neck.

    It is apalling that even people who understand how appalling the British empire really was still haven't clued into British responsibility for the fifty years' war against Germany.

  • At 10:29 PM, Blogger Unknown said…

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  • At 6:53 PM, Blogger The Reverend Peter M. Hawkins said…

    The Minister of Labour and Supplies in the Muslim League Government of the Province of Bengal in 1943 was Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy. He was actually born in the District of Midnapore where the famine began. The weakness of that newly formed Government and the sickness of the Governor, who died that year,caused inadequate measures against famine to be taken. The arrival of the new Viceroy Wavell in the area ensured rapid action was taken. The British Indian Sarkar did encourage the construction of railways and canals to make famine relief possible in all parts of British and Princely India. There was also a special Famine Diet based on Molasses with necessary Electrolytes available, which was later used in the liberation of the Kranken Konzentration Lagar at Belsen.

  • At 7:23 PM, Blogger Dr Gideon Polya said…

    Thank you very much for your informed comment Reverend Hawkins. General Wavell certainly tried to address the crisis but, according to his published diaries, was repeatedly blocked by Churchill. The man-made Bengal Famine in British-ruled India killed 6-7 million Indians in Bengal and adjoining provinces in the 1943-1945 “forgotten” World War 2 Bengal Famine (see recent BBC broadcast involving Dr Polya, Economics Nobel Laureate Professor Amartya Sen and others: ; link ).

  • At 10:15 PM, Blogger JERInaldo santos silva said…

    congratulations. amazing
    thank you

  • At 8:04 AM, Blogger lelouveteau said…

    Ah yes, Giordan, but of course Britain launched a "systematic effort over half a century to destroy Germany" and "reduce the country to the form of Holocaust mythology".

    Adolf Hitler was really a peaceable, misunderstood sort of chap (a vegetarian after all) who was forced by those British devils to invade Czechoslovakia, Poland, Holland, France et al.

    Another little-known fact: Germany's 1914 invasion of Belgium was, in fact, a complete accident. The advance guard just went to the shops to stock up on Bratwurst and bugger me if they didn't stray into Belgium by mistake.

    As for the Holocaust, yes you're absolutely right, it should be viewed in the same light as Grimm's Fairy Tales.

    Not sure if you're aware but Britain's also single-handedly responsible for global warming, natural disasters and winter.

  • At 9:44 AM, Blogger Sarah Maid of Albion said…

    This is a shockingly dishonest posting, it completely distorts the Historical facts in order to make the British appear guilty of genocide.

    Who wrote this? Joseph Goebbels?

  • At 3:25 AM, Blogger Kanchhedia Chamaar said…

    Three million Bengalis perished in the famine in 1943, while more than six million Jews died over 1939-45. On whatever scale events such as famine and genocide are measured, the Holocaust is probably worthier of commemoration, and each year January 27 is justifiably observed as a Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK. Avoidable death of three million Bengalis does not deserve to be remembered perhaps because there are, have always been, and perhaps will always be, a lot more Bengalis in the world than there are Jews. However, I suspect the relative urgency of demand on the human memory has more to do with class than with race. I cannot help wondering what kind of film Bengali filmmakers would have made if one tenth as many Bhadra Brahmos had experienced inanition, lethal or otherwise.

  • At 10:50 PM, Blogger Sagan R said…

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  • At 11:11 PM, Blogger Sagan R said…

    The post by K Chamaar smacks of racism. It also mentions wrongly about 3 million deaths in the Bengal famine. One may safely believe that 5 millions perished due to the racist and arrogant Churchill whose crime was no less, in fact more than Hitler's. Six to 7 million innocent men, women and children were starved to death under Churchill's racist regime whereas the Jews were to blame partially for the holocaust. The Jews are also equally racists. Germany suffered enough ignominy and the German appeasement of the British policy had made Hitler paranoid about avenging the insult which Germany had suffered at the hands of the British and the Americans. The Jewish Diaspora in Hitler's Germany could not however claim complete innocence because they refused to cooperate with Hitler’s Germany. But six to 7 million Bengalis perished in their homeland due to the colonial exploitation by the British. Even Churchill had baulked at the progress achieved by the Cripps' Mission in 1942 which was engaged in dialogues with the Indian National Congress for finalizing India's Independence. The racist Churchill stood between Sir Stafford Cripps and Indian Independence. A democratic National Government in India would have been obliged by the force of nationhood to tackle this man-made famine that was a real Holocaust of greater severity than the Jewish holocaust. But the Western media which influence the World media - Indian media only pipe the tune of their Western counterpart,- is not interested because they have to sing paeans of their own governments.

  • At 2:17 PM, Blogger JKZok said…

    Because famine is not caused by people but is a failure of crops it cannot be called a genocide. What is a problem, is to balance the ability to supply food, with the likelyhood the war was lost. I am shocked by the blocking of requests for supply by Churchhill. This was an obvious missjudgement. I think like all historical events it needs further investigation and explanation before clear understanding is brought to bare. I think the british as a nation would be shocked to be made aware of this event, and is down to politicians and there decisions rather than any actual intention by a nation against another as was demonstrated through Band-Aid etc.
    I think therefore one has to be carefull about jumping to conclusions etc.

  • At 2:22 PM, Blogger JKZok said…

    This famine was completely unknown to me, an english citizen.
    To put it alongside the holocost is insane, as famines arise from crop failure, and not intent.
    The problem with not supplying food to meet the need is shown as a conflict between the indian authorities and Churchhill.
    More light is needed, to bring issues into perspective and show what could have been done and what was done.
    There are obviously some neo-nazis here, which never helps anyone

  • At 7:43 PM, Blogger Kunal said…

    That the famine is unknown to British citizens is not surprising. Ruling colonial powers never had interest in showing the degree of oppression that the colonised underwent. But the famine was man made, not a case of crop failure. Two brief comments on what is an excellent paper. The Amartya Sen argument stresses the entitlement issue. In other words, there might be food, but it is not available to all. having been forced to take on the Labour Party in government, the British government during the war had to make sure people in UK got rations at least. In colonial Bengal this was not deemed essential. The other issue is, the denial policy -- fearing the Japanese might come and take over Bengal, the then ricebowl of Eastern India, the rulers, notably the governor of Bengal, took policies that destroyed the economy. One is aware that for many white people a real genocide happens only when white die (Jews under Hitler). But we non whites have had far too many murdered not to challenge this position.

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  • At 4:03 AM, Blogger Ela said…

    Thank you very much for this documented article Dr Polya

    As a french young student of bengali in university (INALCO) indeed (and lover of bengali language), I learnt about this famine's multiple potential causes only last week, after years of studying South Asian history in oriental university in Paris.

    I was speaking about Churchill in laudative terms with one of my teachers born in Kolkata when he got angry and made allusive comments about both british responsablity and "abohela" (indifference) to some of its crimes commited during colonial occupation of India.

    I will read your article deeper and look for sources to document myself more on the subject and thus be able to share it with my friends who are also studying south asian history or bengali here.

    Sincere salutations,
    Nina Cabanau,

  • At 5:19 PM, Blogger Unknown said…

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